About Us

DG Invites is a design studio that specializes in custom invitations. While I love a good event invitation, I am also here to assist any businesses or individuals with their design needs. From logo/brand identity to marketing materials and more!  I can create something very simple or as unique as you are.  I am always coming up with new ideas, but most of all I like to hear yours!

Darley Ashi is my crafty side started a few years ago as just another outlet for the creative juices to flow. This is where stepping away from the computer takes on life. Creating unique pieces from re-purposed items, string art, driftwood sailboats, other signage incorporating our graphic skills and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Headquartered on the westside of the rockin' city of Cleveland, Ohio! Although, I really enjoy working with people all over the United States and even other countries! Not in Ohio, do no fret...I am very easy to work with via email. 

This October will be my 13 year Anniversary since the creation of DG Invites and my 10th year doing graphic design and crafts full-time.  Without my wonderful Clients & Customers this would not be possible....so I would like to say THANK YOU!!  Your kind words and referrals are what keep this going.  I appreciate each and every one of you & am very grateful to have made it this far. 2017 marked a record year and I can only hope that 2018 is even better! Call or email to schedule your appointment today.

A little about Darci....

Growing up in a very artistic family it was in my genes to be just like them.  From a very small age I would create whatever sparked my interest from a giant cookie out of paper mache and chicken wire to little ribbon bracelets to sell along side my mother at craft shows. It drastically expanded from there in college to Sorority banners, flyers and t-shirt design.  I majored in Urban Planning at the University at Buffalo, but it proved not to be her true passion.  I then took a job with Feld Entertainment. 

Feld produces Disney on Ice, Disney Live and Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.  I had the privilege of working in product development where we designed all of the items sold at the shows from the lights and swords to the plush characters and vendor uniforms.  I loved that job and it just fueled my passion for design even more.  With the motivation from my lovely co-workers & family DG Invites was made official.

Along this ride I met my wonderful husband Chris who I love with all my heart.  He has been my biggest motivator through the ups and downs to keep me on track in pursuing what I love.  We have two lively boys; Austin who is 7 and Ryan who is 4!  Our love extends to a furry family that is always entertaining too.

For Press & Marketing inquiries, please contact us at
(716) 860-9291 or [email protected]